Politicians asked to be civil in electioneering

Mr Noble Alagskomah, a member of the United Cadre Front of the National Democratic Congress, has appealed to politicians to be civil in their electioneering for Election 2012.

He said the desire to recapture or retain political power should not be “a do-and-die affair.”

A statement signed by Mr Alagskomah, copied to Ghana New Agency in Bolgatanga, said: “Human resource and infrastructural development and good governance can only thrive in peace and stability.”

He said the call for peaceful elections would be meaningless if Ghanaians do not respect and tolerate each other.

Mr Alagskomah said: “Ghana is far, far bigger than an individual or a political party. Political parties and their leaders will come and go but, Corporate Ghana will always be there.”

He called on all political office holders to live above reproach and explain the content of the 1992 Constitution to the people.

Mr Alagskomah asked the youth to be weary of greedy politicians who would use them to cause violence during the General Election.

Source: GNA

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