Holy Trinity Spa presents welding shop to rehabilitated alcoholic

The Holy Trinity Spa has commissioned and donated a modern welding shop to a rehabilitated chronic alcoholic formerly known as Crazy Maputo.

Crazy Maputo now referred to as Deladem was an excellent welder but was always drunk.

“Our heart ached when we saw him entertaining people with alcohol-induced complex “super-azonto” dances”, said Dr. Felix Anyah, the Executive Chairman of Holy Trinity SPA and Health Farm.

The Holy Trinity SPA adopted him using the wholistic health service model, emphasizing the three core areas of alcohol rehabilitation- alcohol detox, counseling and aftercare to treat him.

Dr Anyah also mentioned that, alcoholism is a cause of several road accidents and believes that from its modest beginning, the SPA will make an impact on the global health service, since Ghana has several strategic advantages in the global village.

The occasion also coincided with the 7th anniversary celebration of the Spa.

“Addiction is a disease. It is not a result of moral failing, it is also not defect of character,” Dr. Anyah indicated.

He also mentioned that, a facility such as the Holy Trinity SPA, which has orthodox doctors, nurses, laboratory practitioners and complementary and alternate health practitioners working in a healing environment that is peaceful, revitalizing, is leading a paradigm shift in wholistic health service.

The SPA has adopted the wholistic health service method in treating people with lifestyle-induced ailments, he said.

Dr Anyah mentioned that health was a state of physical, emotional, mental, psychological, social and spiritual well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity as indicated by the WHO.

By Pascal Kelvin Kudiabor

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