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Glo Mobile launches Ghana network

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George Andah - Glo Ghana COO

Glo Mobile Ghana, a subsidiary of Globacom Limited, Africa’s fastest growing telecommunications company, on Sunday launched its commercial operations, promising to deliver unparallel services to Ghanaians across the voice and data packages.

The company said it would address the yawning gap in telecommunications services in the country by offering world-class innovative products and services, which would improve the way the people of Ghana live and work.

“We are pleased to inform you that the wait is over,” Mr George Andah, Chief Operating Officer Glo Mobile Ghana, told a large gathering of journalists and special guests of music and film stars.

“Now, we are ready to provide Ghana with the most-modern and reliable telecommunications services that you have not only been yearning for, but which you truly deserve. We remain as committed as ever to our vision to build the biggest and best telecommunication network in Africa,” Mr Andah said.

With the launch, people can start redeeming their reserved numbers and be able to make calls on the network, which is rolling out services on the Number Code 023 and can be experienced in every major town in Ghana.

Glo Mobile Ghana thus becomes the sixth mobile network operator to join the country’s competitive telecommunications industry.

Mr Andah said even though the company faced some daunting challenges, it was motivated by the physical and emotional encouragement of Ghanaians from the ordinary man on the street to the captains of industry and top government officials.

“We wish to extend our sincere appreciation to all Ghanaians for the massive support we have enjoyed since we were granted the license,” he said at a press conference.

Glo Mobile Ghana got its license in 2008 and had since been working to build a modern and solid telecommunications infrastructure.

It has in the process built 1,400 base stations, making it the second largest network in the country and there are plans to scale this up to 2,300 by the end of the year.

Mr Andah said the company’s promise to deliver a modern network with affordable products and services in the major regions had been met culminating in the launch.

“We have promised the people of Ghana that we shall roll out the most modern network with affordable products and services in the major regions of the country from day one, and today, we are proud to tell you that we have kept our promise,” he said.

Glo Mobile currently has about 85 per cent coverage in the country, reaching 1,000 cities and towns and more than 10,000 villages.

He said Glo would keep its promise to replicate the feat chalked out in the West African sub-region as market leaders in innovation, consumer loyalty reward and excellent service delivery.

Already, about one 1.5 million subscribers have reserved their lines on the Glo network, which has capacity to handle more than 10 million lines.

Mr Kabral Blay-Amihere, Chairman of National Media Commission and Adewale Sangowawa, Globacom Executive Director turned on the keys to herald the operations of the telecommunication network to the defeaning shouts of joy of the guests.

Meanwhile, Glo Mobile Ghana is kicking off its services with an amazing product called Good Day Ghana, which enables all Glo subscribers to enjoy offerings such as Free Unconditional 20Gp airtime daily for 100 days; Free Calls From Midnight to 5:00am; Bonus on In-coming Calls; Up to 100 per cent Bonus on Recharges; and Sweet Number, which enables subscribers to call one special person at 2Gp per minute.

Glo operations in Ghana will receive a major boost from the Glo 1 international submarine cable, which landed in Accra in September 2009.

The facility has opened up a whole vista of unprecedented opportunities for businesses, government institutions and individuals and will usher in a new era of prosperity by giving people much better access to more affordable broadband.

Source: GNA

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