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President Mills declares peace on Ghana

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Hours after returning from the United States, President John Evans Atta Mills on Saturday made a declaration for peace on Ghana and asked for God’s blessing on the citizenry.

He underlined the essence of the Word of God and trust in Almighty God as the foundation of peace and called to order those who arrogated to themselves powers that were beyond them rather than recognising the power of God in the affairs of men.

President Mills made the call in a welcome address at the start of a two-day crusade dubbed: “Ghana Jesus Festival” at the Ohene Djan Sports Stadium, in Accra.

The festival, by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, led by Rev Franklin Graham, is in response to an invitation from the leaders of Ghana’s Christian churches.

It is featuring messages from the Reverend Graham, who is the son of Evangelist Billy Graham, coupled with energetic and inspirational music from the Toomy Coomes Band and Dennis Agajanian from the US, along with local artists from Ghana and a mass choir made up of more than a thousand volunteers from Accra.

President Mills expressed the hope that the message that would be preached would fall on fertile soil for people to build fresh faith or strengthen their faith in God.

“This is a unique opportunity for us, to renew our covenant with our Maker,” President Mills said, and prayed that the message of the evangelist would bring peace and blessing to the people.

Rev Graham, in a homily gave the assurance that when one accepts Jesus, God forgives the past sins and never calls them back to account.

He said many young persons, like the prodigal son, do not accept responsibility and searching for happiness in the wrong areas of alcoholism, drug abuse, immorality, pride and violence, acts which constituted sin and creates barriers with God.

The cleric stressed the need to live by God’s righteous standards in the Bible.

He called on the congregation to be joyful that God has given a gift of life, and buried sin with the death of Christ and left it in the grave.

Rev Graham urged all to take a decision and come back to God, adding:”If you come to Jesus, put your faith and trust in him, God will forgive you. You need Christ, repent from your sins.”

Some of the performers at the festival were Joyful Way Incorporated, Cindy Thompson, Daughters of the Glorious Jesus and Bernice Ofei.

Source: GNA

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