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UK Foreign Office warns Britons of political tensions in Ghana as election nears

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UK nationals have been told to be wary of political tensions in Ghana likely to arise as the country heads to general elections in December 2012, according to the Travel Summary and the Safety and Security note updated by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office today April 24, 2012 on its website.

According to the Office, Ghana’s national elections are due in early December 2012 and “there may be an increase in localised political tensions in the period running up to these.”

The Office told citizens via its website that “You should exercise caution around large gatherings of people, and avoid all political demonstrations anywhere in the country.”

Although mainly peaceful, the UK government explained that these demonstrations have the “potential to turn violent”.

“You should monitor daily developments through the local media,” it added.

The Office indicated that while most visits to Ghana are trouble-free, violent crime can occur at any time.  It therefore advised nationals to exercise a high level of vigilance in public areas, and when travelling by road.

“Localised outbreaks of civil unrest can occur at short notice due to ongoing local chieftancy and land disputes particularly in the north of Ghana,” it continued.

There is an underlying threat from terrorism – attacks could be indiscriminate, including in places visited by expatriates and foreign travelers, the Office noted.

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s travel advice offers British travellers information and advice to help them make their own informed decisions about travelling to a particular country even though any decision to travel to, stay in or leave a country is at a person’s own responsibility on the basis of the best available information from the travel advice.

The Office based its advice on information it gathers from UK embassies, consulates and high commissions, Intelligence Services and local knowledge.

The travel advice is reviewed monthly and updated following any incident that might affect Britons travelling or living in the area.

By Ekow Quandzie

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  1. This is definately not good for any country as far as tourism and invester confidence is concerned. Really not only foreigners should be careful but even we the citizens are not feeling safe enough.
    When the judicial system seems to be hijacked by a particular group of people in the name of bias judgements from the courts making it possible for others to take the law into their own hands including the law makers themselves.
    When the police toothlessly managed to make an arrest only for a judge to order the release of the culprit just because they belong to the same group but hide behind some constitutional articles known to them only.
    No wonder they said “the law lies at the bosom of the judge”

  2. What is the underlying threat of terrorism?