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Passenger gets refund after Ghana International Airlines collapse – Report

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After media campaigns a passenger of bankrupt Ghana International Airlines has received a refund, the Guardian newspaper has reported.

According to the report by the publication, the campaign carried by Guardian Money and the BBC consumer affairs for two years eventually paid off when Beryl Lynch was repaid the money she paid for tickets for flights to Ghana to witness the wedding ceremony of her daughter. She never made it to see her daughter marry. None of her family members as a result could make it to Ghana for the wedding, it said.

Ms. Lynch according to the report missed her daughter’s wedding when the airline suddenly ceased operations. She got the refund of £2,460 that she paid the airline in February 2010 for four return flights.

The woman took her case to what is known as small claims courts.

“The north London travel agent involved paid out a few days before the court case – and her credit card provider has paid her court fees,” the report said.

The defunct Ghana International Airlines was established to replace the defunct Ghana Airways, the national carrier, but it also collapsed.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

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