Extremism has no place in Islam – Imam

Imam Abdulmumin Haroun, an Islamic Scholar, has condemned violence, intimidation and the shedding of innocent blood, meant to fight the cause of Islam.

These negative tendencies, he said, had no place in Islam as they were misguided and in contravention with Quranic doctrines.

“I call on well-meaning Muslim leaders to continuously preach against suicide bombings, and antagonism in all its forms being perpetrated by some misinformed Muslims in the name of Islam since their actions are tarnishing the image of the religion.”

Imam Haroun, the Spiritual leader of the Muslim community in Ashanti Region, was addressing the opening session of the 90th Presbytery Conference of the Asante Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG), in Kumasi.

He expressed worry that some leaders were took advantage of the ignorance and vulnerability of some Muslims, particularly the youth, and influenced them to engage in acts that had no basis in Islam.

Imam Haroun said: “There is no doctrine in Islam, which condones the killing of innocent blood or preaches that perpetrators of such acts were fighting on behalf of Allah.”

He said it was unfortunate that some Muslims had been brainwashed to the extent that embracing secular or Western education and being tolerant of other religions were considered by such people as “sin”.

Imam Haroun lauded the leadership of the Presbyterian Church for promoting inter-religious harmony.

He pledged that Muslims in the region would collaborate with the Church to enhance peaceful co-existence.

Source: GNA

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