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Abide by road laws, acquire requisite driving documents – Driver Licensing Officer

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Alhaji Alhassan Fuseini, the Tema Regional Licensing Officer, has said current statistics show that about 1.2 million people die worldwide annually through road accidents and appealed to drivers to take road safety education seriously and abide by its laws.

Alhaji Fuseini said this when speaking at a Road Safety forum for the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints in Madina saying that if care was not taken the road carnage records worldwide could rise to two million by 2020.

He used the occasion to appeal to drivers to abide by the laws governing road safety and help reduce the frequent accidents not only during the Easter season but to take note of the road markings, warnings and mandatory signs and avoiding dangerous overtaking on the roads.

Alhaji Fuseini said it was important for drivers to keep a regular maintenance regime for their vehicles saying this was very important as road crashes kill more people than malaria and that about 90% of accidents are from the developing countries.

He appealed to drivers to ensure that they acquired the requisite licenses for the vehicles they drive and that the classification of the categories of licenses includes:   “A” for Motor Cycles, “B” for Cars not exceeding 3000kg, “C” for 33 Passenger vehicles, “D” for Bigger Buses not exceeding 8000kg, “E” for Graders and Forklifts, and License “F” for Articulators and Cargo vehicles.

He warned drivers who used smaller weight vehicles licenses to drive bigger vehicles to desist from that and cautioned them to take note and be extra careful while driving at night saying speeding during rainy and foggy areas are dangerous and urged drivers to be tolerant and mindful of pedestrians and help save more lives.

Speaking on law enforcing in the country, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Mr Charles Ahiamale, the Madina MTTU Deputy Divisional Commander, warned drivers to avoid driving on the shoulders of the road or the use of mobile phones while driving as this does not allow them to concentrate saying anyone caught in the act would be strictly prosecuted.

He said quite often drivers who drive long distances sometimes realize too late that they are tired and needed rest but they persist in driving till the vehicle enters into the room of an innocent person who becomes a needless casualty of his recklessness.

Commander Ahiamale appealed to drivers to see the need to rest as mandatory and stop blaming witches for such accidents and pleaded with Ghanaians not to only insure their vehicles but every property in their possession such that in an event of a fire outbreak they would be compensated.

Source: GNA

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  1. It is high time Ghana Police started collecting ON THE SPOT FINES. If our police will be honest enough and not line their pockets, that will be the best way and we shall be better off.Perhaps they will learn a lesson from this recent accident where three policemen and a civilian died.