Ghanaian attorney: Seized arms intended for terrorism in Nigeria

The office of the Attorney-General of the Republic of Ghana said the arms and ammunitions seized on transit to Nigeria were to be used to fuel terrorists activities in the country.

The attorney general said this while opposing bail application by the defense lawyer, Mr. Addo Atuah, to the three Ghanaian nationals, facing trial at the Accra Circuit Court yesterday.

Kodjo Baffoe, Akwesi Asamoah and Kofi Aboagye are standing trial over their involvement in the attempt to smuggle arms and ammunitions into Nigeria on January 10.

The three Ghanaians were arrested with two other Nigerians while attempting to smuggle a cache of arms and ammunitions into Nigeria and have been standing trial since February 3rd. The government’s lawyer said bail should be denied the accused persons because of the weight of the crime and severity of punishment if found guilty. Each of them risks a life sentence if found guilty.

The presiding judge, Justice Audrey Koleuvie-Tay, agreed with the prosecution lawyer and accordingly denied bail for the three accused persons.

The office of the Attorney-General formerly entered appearance yesterday. It had informed the court on the last sitting of its intention to take over the matter from the police.

The defense lawyer, Mr. Addo Atuah, had hinged his plea for bail on the fact that the accused persons have been in police custody since January 10 when they were arrested.

He said the accused persons were responsible and gainfully employed by a company called Globat. Incidentally, the company in question sells fire arms; though in this case the accused persons acted outside the confines of their official assignments.

The lawyer however told the court that they were merely assisting the Nigerians to load the lorry when they were apprehended by the police.

Source: Daily Trust

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