Wild animals thrill Ghanaians

Ghanaians, for the first time, are being treated to a live show, where crocodiles, tigers, pythons and other animals, perform different kinds of stunts and tricks with their human handlers, to their  admiration and cheers.

The IL Florilegio Circus, has for the past three weeks, been holding live performances at the Afua Sutherlands Children’s Park, where they display to their audiences, their skills at handling wild animals thus making them do things that many have never seen before.

Mr. Hamed Rouzebehani, media contact person of the Italian Circus, told the Ghana News Agency in an interview, that they decided to visit Ghana because apart from Ghana being known as an amusement loving country, they “see Ghana as a very safe place to be.”

He said looking at the encouraging pace of development in several areas of the country, especially in the area of entertainment, the Circus believed organizing a show in Ghana was most worthwhile.

Mr. Rouzebehani said the show had been successful in many countries, explaining that, “Although this is the first time we are coming to Ghana, those who have attended the show so far have reacted very positively to our stunts.”

“The kind of patronage we receive here would determine any future plans we may have for the country,” he said. “This is the first time we are bringing a show like this to Ghana, and patronage is very important.”

Tigers, a crocodile, an alligator, snakes, pythons, a kangaroo, and a dog are some of the animals that the Circus entertains its audiences with.

On the likelihood of an animal running wild and injuring a trainer or even spectators, Mr. Rouzebehani said that was absolutely impossible.

“Contrary to what many believe, animals are very kind and once you respect and treat them well, they would never betray you.”

He said besides that, the show with animals was held in an iron cage, and considering the fact that the trainers were also highly experienced and had great knowledge in animal behavior, there was utterly no risk where the animals were concerned.

The six-month tour of the circus, which is under the auspices of the Ministry of Chieftaincy and Culture, would also take the circus to Kumasi and Takoradi. The show ends in Accra on April 22.

Source: GNA

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