Scientists meet to discuss the state of the planet

Scientists have described humanity’s global impact as “The Great Acceleration”, which offers ominous outlook to an uncertain future on a much hotter world.

According to a press release issued to the Ghana News Agency, 3,000 experts meeting at a four-day “Planet Under Pressure conference”, which began in London on Monday, to analyse the earth’s condition, review vital signs, options, hurdles and how to move forward.

In subsequent days at the meeting, experts spanning the spectrum of interconnected scientific interests will examine solutions, hurdles and ways to break down the barriers to progress. The conference is the largest gathering of experts in development and global environmental changes in advance of June’s UN “Rio+20” summit in Brazil.

“The last 50 years have without doubt seen one of the most rapid transformations of the human relationship with the natural world,” says speaker Professor Will Steffen, a global change expert from the Australian National University.

Source: GNA

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