Media told to practice responsible journalism

Media practitioners in Ghana have been tasked to be fair, accurate and objective in the discharge of the duties, to promote and consolidate democracy in the country.

A statement signed by Mr. Abdul Malik Jeleel, the Executive Director of Ghana Media Advocacy Programme (G-MAP), a child-oriented NGO, noted that the role of the media in deepening democracy in the country could not be over emphasised, and called on journalists to abide by their professional ethics, and avoid politicisation of topical national issues.

It noted that responsible journalism was significant to advancing the rule of law, good governance and ensuring free, fair and peaceful elections, towards national development.

The statement cautioned media outlets against “over-sensationalism, misleading headlines, gross fabrications and unsubstantiated allegations against people, especially politicians  since they often create tension and fear in the country.”

Source: GNA

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