FDB alerts public on unregistered ‘Coolio Brown Soya’

The Food and Drugs Board (FDB) has alerted the general public on the distribution and sale of an unwholesome and unregistered food product with the brand name of COOLIO BROWN SOYA.

This was discovered through its post-market surveillance activities embarked on periodically.

A statement issued and signed by Dr Stephen K. Opuni, Chief Executive Officer of FDB, said the supposedly powdery Soya Drink product formed lumps and had a strong pungent smell of mould infestation.

The label bared claims of the product being rich in natural phytoestrogen, mineral salts and Vitamins.

It said the label carried statements attributing several health and therapeutic properties to the product including; improvement in the male reproductive sex system, prevention of thrombosis such as heart attack.

Others included prevention of arteriosclerosis such as stroke, blood pressure and blood clot, prevention of persistent diarrhea, prevention of risk of prostate and breast cancer, relief from the symptoms of menopause and prevention of asthma in children.

The statement said the FDB had neither evaluated nor registered the COOLIO BROWN SOYA. Again, the health and therapeutic claims of the product COOLIO BROWN SOYA cannot be substantiated.

It therefore cannot guarantee the safety and quality of the COOLIO BROWN SOYA since the health benefits claimed were deceptive and the consumption of the product could result in serious adverse health conditions in unsuspecting consumers.

The statement strongly advised the general public not to patronize the product, adding, “Persons with samples of COOLIO BROWN SOYA in their homes are cautioned against the use of the product either as a beverage or a treatment for any of the conditions indicated on the product label and destroy it. Retailers are to take note of this caution and not display the product for sale”.

It urged the public not to hesitate to bring to the attention of the Food and Drugs Board any person or persons who may be involved in the production, distribution or sale of the COOLIO BROWN SOYA and assured the general public of its resolve to protect public health and safety.

Source: GNA

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