National Folklore Board organises workshop for artists

Mr Abraham Henry Lemaire, Acting Director of National Folklore Board, on Wednesday described the arts as a lucrative business comparable to any other foreign exchange earner should folklore be protected.

Folklore includes all artistic, literary and scientific cultural legacy bequeathed to Ghanaians, which have been maintained and promoted over the years.

He said Ghana was a signatory to the Convention on Traditional Knowledge and Protection of Folklore and once it is ratified the country could earn some revenue from the commercial usage of folklore while developing the creative industry to be able to compete on the international market.

Mr Lemaire made the observation when the National Folklore Board organised a day’s workshop for artists in Accra to create awareness about their role in promoting folklore and folklore usage especially for commercial use.

He said: “For instance people who use the Adinkra symbol for plastic chairs production and other business purposes need to register with the Board and pay some money for the usage of the symbols.”

Mrs Rebecca Amo-Aboagye, Chief Director at the Ministry of Chieftaincy and Culture, noted that symbols and folklore in general meant so much for Ghana and advised craftsmen to focus on making quality products with perfect finishing that could compete internationally.

She advised them to train others especially the youth since the creative industry provides employment for them.

Mr Ato Keelson, Acting Executive Director of Du Bois Centre sharing some thoughts with the craftsmen said government is determined to make non-traditional export commodities more viable especially the creative industry.

He said with the fast growing nature of the tourism industry, artiste needs to take advantage to supply products suitable to the growing souvenir market.

Mr Keelson advised artists to ensure quality design principles and finishing techniques to improve on their production.

Source: GNA

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