Anglican Bishop slams vote-buying politicians

Right Reverend Mathias Medadues Badohu, Bishop of Anglican Church, Ho, on Sunday condemned politicians, who seek to influence voters with gifts of cash and other things.

He said “these supposed representatives of the people want to be seen as receptacles of power in between elections and then come baiting people on approach of elections with gifts for their votes.”

Rt. Rev. Badohu, was preaching the sermon at a non-denominational church service in Ho,  to climax the National Week of Fasting, Prayer and Thanksgiving, in the Volta Region.

The theme of the week was Peace, Security and Stability within Your Boarders, Oh Ghana,” and prayers were said for the orderly functioning of all segments of society.

The clergyman said that “good service to the people should be enough to put politicians in the reckoning of voters and not gifts of money.”

Rt. Rev. Badohu said prayers alone were not enough to keep Ghana peaceful and progressive but these must be backed by responsible behavior the people.

He said many Ghanaians did not demonstrate civic responsibility and were not active in governance but shouted about rights.

Rt. Rev. Badohu mentioned “economic monopoly and exploitation by the privileged and discrimination on the basis of social status” as woes of the country.

Mr Henry Ametefe, Deputy Volta Regional Minister, emphasized President Evans Atta Mills’ quest for a peaceful elections, and urged Ghanaians, 18 years and above and of sound mind to register in the forthcoming biometric voters’ registration.

Source: GNA

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