GIDC seeks to provide e-government technological solution for Ghana

The Ghana International Development Consortium (GIDC), is ready to provide a technological solution for the ongoing e-government problems in the country.

It has therefore, proposed an integrated “All in One System“ solution, which includes a modern voting technology that can address the voter verification problem in Ghana and the challenges facing the nation in the area of census data collection and analysis for effective implementation of policies and programmes.

The Consortium is made up of some of the nation’s professionals in the Diaspora with the sole aim and objective of identifying and addressing Ghana’s developmental challenges.

In a statement copied to the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in Accra, it said” a comprehensive integrated e-government technology solution is needed to address the nation’s residential, voting and data gathering for effective and meaningful policy-making on a long-term basis.”

A nation-wide implementation of the system would help maintain the requisite records and other pertinent information needed to formulate national policies, and to conduct fraudulent-free elections.

It said the e-government-wide integrated information system could not be found in any developing country, and Ghana would be the first country in Africa to be blessed with this system.

Source: GNA

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