Toyota reveals 80% spare parts bought in Ghana are fake

Mr Wilfred Atoubi, National Parts Manager for Toyota Ghana Limited (TGL), has condemned the use of counterfeit spare parts that endangers the safety of drivers and passengers in the country.

He said a national survey conducted by TGL, revealed that 80 per cent of spare parts bought in the country were fake.

Mr Atoubi was speaking at the launch of 2012 anti-counterfeit educational campaign in Accra, on the theme: ‘One Little Mistake, Big Trouble’.

He said the event was necessitated by the increasing influx of counterfeit products such the clutch, bulb and wiper blades of vehicle on the Ghanaians markets.

Mr Atoubi explained that low-quality or counterfeit clutches could lead to poor performance and the risk of unforeseen accidents.

He said that fake bulb resulted in blurred vision and caused accidents and easily allowed for oxygen which caused filament to burn.

Mr Atoubi urged vehicle owners to use genuine parts because it has excellent atmospheric seals, prevents oxygen from entering them, has excellent insulation from thermal shock and could withstand vibrations and provide best lighting at night and prevent accidents.

He said most drivers underestimated the function of the wiper blades and it caused accidents leading to deaths.

Mr Atoubi said quality driving decisions were based on a clear unobstructed view of the road as good visibility was essential during rainy weather when vision may be obscured by water.

Mr Takahiko Takabayashi, Managing Director of TGL, said the company has organized workshops, mounted billboards, played radio jingles and distributed flyers to educate customers on safety measures to avoid accidents.

Source: GNA

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