Ghana Standards Authority presents quality certification to plastic maker Qualiplast Limited

The Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) on Wednesday presented Qualiplast Limited, producers of plastic products, with the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems Certification.

Achieving ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification implies that Qualiplast Limited uses competent staff, well maintained and appropriate equipment, reliable processes and systems to produce plastic packaging materials that are accepted internationally.

Mr Kofi Anagetey, Deputy Director of Commercial Service at GSA, lauded Qualiplast for its achievement as one of the few companies in the country to achieve such a feat.

He said GSA provided two kinds of certification which were the Product Certification and Management Systems Certification.

“Production Certification involves the assessment of a product against the requirements of the relevant product standards and certifying that the products conforms or otherwise to the relevant standard”.

“In Systems Certification, a management system of an organisation is assessed against the requirements of the relevant international standards and certifying that the systems conforms or otherwise to international standards.”

Mr Anagetey said international buyers were now not only interested in the quality of the product, but also the assurance that a supplier had a system capable of supplying goods and services of consistent quality.

Mr Anagetey urged all companies operating in the country to visit GSA for the Systems Certification Services as it was affordable and competitive.

Mr Fares Akl, Managing Director of Qualiplast Limited, said that since its inception in 1973, the company had worked towards achieving internationally recognised standards “applying the principle of ISO Quality Management System in the plastic sector has been a challenge, seemed at certain times an impossible task, but it has been worthwhile the challenge”.

Source: GNA

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