Waterville clarifies compensation payment

Mr Andrea Orlandi, Managing Director of Waterville Holding Limited (BVI) on Monday said the company deserved all monies paid to it by the government and asked the public to spare the company of the smear campaign.

Addressing a press conference in Accra on Monday to spell out the role played in the rehabilitation of the Ohene Djan, El Wak and the Baba Yara Sports stadia, Mr Orlandi said: “It is our aim to lay before the public in a clear and succinct manner the full facts that led to the government paying us some money.”

He explained that Waterville, through an open, fair and international bidding process and in compliance with Ghana’s public procurement law won the contract to construct new two sports stadia and to rehabilitate three others for the CAN 2008 tournament.

He said in spite of Waterville given the approval for the award of all five stadia, the government decided to award two out of the five.

Mr Orlandi said the contracts were awarded to Shanghai Construction (Group) General Corporation, without due process.

He said Waterville signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the government and subsequently signed the contract on April 26, 2006.

He explained that because Waterville had already pre-financed the projects, which were abrogated it claims for reimbursement of the amounts it had already spent.

Through a mediation process Waterville was paid an amount of 25 million Euros to cover the reimbursement while the late payment covered interests and penalties against losses incurred by the company.

On the issue of double payment, allegedly being peddled, Mr Orlandi noted that part payment of Waterville certificate was paid directly to the sub-contractors to enable them continue with the contract to meet the October 2007 deadline.

He said Waterville has since 2006 been pursuing government for the outstanding balance, which remained unpaid.

He said there was nothing illegal about Waterville’s actions in competing for or laying claims for cancelation of contracts.

Mr Orlandi said the public should not confuse the money paid to Alfred Agbesi Woyome since the two cases are different.

He explained that M-Powopak, a firm represented by Woyome was hired by Waterville to provide financial advisory and consulting services for a limited period to assist in financing the stadia contract.

He said Waterville terminated Woyome’s services and made full payment to him and his company in 2006 and that Woyome had no role in the claims Waterville made to government for reimbursement.

“Alfred Woyome, separately and independently of Waterville made a claim against the government. Waterville has no role, nor interest in Woyome’s claim,” he said.

Source: GNA

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