Act decisively against corrupt officials – Basilica Rector

Monsignor Raphael Owusu Peprah, the Rector of the Saint Peter’s Basilica in Kumasi, has called on the government to act more decisively to deal with corrupt public officials.

Monsignor Peprah said a strong and powerful message should be sent to all that nobody could shortchange the country and get away with it.

Making the call through the GNA in Kumasi, he touched on the raging controversy over judgment debt payments made to some individuals and companies and said he was in no doubt that this was going to test the government’s commitment to fight corruption.

He said the expectation was that everything would be done to unravel the full facts and anybody found to have ripped-off the nation, punished.

“Those put in positions of trust must be seen to be protecting the public purse. Corruption needs to become a disincentive, if we are to make real socio-economic progress as a people”, he added.

Monsignor Peprah expressed concern about the politicization of the judgment debt saga saying that could make the people to miss the seriousness of the matter.

He asked the people to remain vigilant to prevent abuses by holding their leaders – political, traditional and religious, accountable for their actions.

Source: GNA

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