Looming health risk as commercial vehicles used as bread distribution vans in Koforidua

There is a looming health risk in Koforidua as commercial vehicles are now being used as bread distribution vans.

It is now a common sight to see taxi cabs and Urvan buses offloading bread of all types and shapes each morning at the central points of Koforidua, especially the commercial bank area to vendors lining the streets, for sale.

The most appalling situation is that the bread was loaded on the seats, floor, boot and every available space without any cover.

The drivers and the attendants in the vehicles could be seen clutching the bread to their chest with some falling on the ground when offloading it.

These commercial vehicles had also become ambulances, carrying sick people in emergencies to hospitals and as hearses, conveying corpses.

Some members of the public have expressed concern about the health hazards that the practice posed to commuters as well as those who consumed the bread and have asked the authorities to check the practice.

Checks by the Ghana News Agency (GNA), indicates that the commercial vehicles were hired by the bakers on daily basis to do the distribution for their vendors.

The Eastern Regional Environmental Officer, Mr Adu Inkumsa, when contacted confirmed the situation and disclosed that last year his outfit destroyed hundreds of bread loaded on a Nissan vehicle in Koforidua because of the health implication.

He said the bread that was destroyed had been packed in the vehicle without any safety measure to reduce the risk of contamination and therefore it was found to be unwholesome for human consumption hence its destruction.

Mr Inkumsa appealed to the public to take report any commercial vehicle being used to transport food items to the environmental office for action.

Mr Bismark Sarkodie, the Regional Nutrition officer, said that practice was dangerous since the food could easily be contaminated.

Source: GNA

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