Persues Mining says will not relocate people affected by its operations

Persues Mining Ghana Limited (PMGL), an Australian mining company, has stated that it has no intention to relocate five communities within its catchment mining area in the Central Region, as reported by the media.

“Persues is not going to relocate and does not have the intention of relocating five communities namely Ayanfuri, Gyaman, Fobenso, Abenabena and Nkonya.”

A statement signed by Darryn McClelland, Deputy General Manager of the Company, said PMGL, with a permit from the Minerals Commission, recently declared three new mining areas in the Ayanfuri Mining Lease so as to expand its Edikan Mine project.

It said due to this development some land owners and occupiers at Ayanfuri had been affected which would call for relocation of those affected.

The statement was emphatic that the relocation of the affected people would not in any way include Gyaman, Fobenso, Abenabena and Nkonya which were all within the catchment mining area of the company.

It said all eligible land owners and lawful occupiers in the mining area to be affected would be duly compensated in accordance with the law for crops, buildings (immovable structures) and deprivation of use of the land as applicable.

Source: GNA

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