Experts advocate development of new software programmes for labour information

Labour inspectors at the end of a four-day National training of trainer’s workshop, has advocated the development of new software programmes for labour service in the collection, collation and analyses of labour information.

They explained that the programme should be compatible with the Ghana Child Labour Monitoring Systems software and other relevant national database.

In a 10-page recommendation copied to the Ghana News Agency in Accra over the weekend, at Agona Swedru, the inspectors called on the Ministry of Employment and Social Welfare to provide adequate resources and capacity building for labour inspection services for effective workplace inspection of child labour.

“The availability of adequate resources for labour inspection is vital to…effectiveness and impact,” they said.

The workshop organised by the International Labour Organisation for the labour inspector, key partners and other inspectorate service was to identify important partners in the labour inspection system pertaining to child labour in Ghana.

It was also aimed at developing simple methodologies for labour inspectors to expand a child friendly labour inspection system, that could be mutually complementary with the developing of the child labour monitoring system structures in Ghana.

Participants also urged Government to formulate a new national policy for labour inspection in consultation with social partners, while the Labour Inspectorate Division should initiate a review of their operations.

They called on the Labour Inspectorate Division of the Labour Department to consider establishing a professional association that could re-kindle an active link with the International Association of Labour Inspectors to promote exchange of skills and knowledge.

The labour inspectors also advocated a national training policy and plan to include induction orientation and in-service training, to equip them fully for their tasks.

“Attention should also be given to training in the inspection of occupational safety and health management systems and risk assessment and prevention,” they noted.

Source: GNA

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