Science, Mathematics and ICT Fair held in Accra

Ghana International School (GIS) on Friday organised a Science, Mathematics and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Fair to enable students relate Science and Mathematics to technology.

The bi-annual event on the theme, “Science, Mathematics and ICT for Sustainable Development”, also encouraged students to appreciate everyday application of ICT.

It provided opportunity for the brightest young minds in science, mathematics and ICT to begin their journey as the next generation of leaders in the world of creativity and innovation.

The fair attracted several participants including the entire students’ body, staff and management, parents and guardians, pupils and students from other schools such as Morning Star and Labone Senior High School.

On display were about 300 interesting projects from all categories of pupils including, junior classes, lower secondary, and upper secondary. The pupils, in groups of three or four, explored projects under various categories including experiment and investigation, inventions, models, engineering and research under the broad subjects; Mathematics, Science and ICT.

Professor Jerome Djangmah, Former Director General of Ghana Education Service, said Ghana as a developing country recognised the role of science, mathematics, technology and allied innovations in national development.

In order to achieve these, he said, there was the need to make conscious efforts at encouraging their study and application since most developed countries advanced through the tools of science, mathematics and technology.

Prof. Djangmah said it was important to promote these subjects, particularly among the younger generation to foster and sustain development in the country.

He said promoting quality science, mathematics and technological education was the surest way of solving the present day problems on health, agriculture, research, education and security.

Prof Djangmah called for the need to identify the obstacles to children’s appreciation of science and mathematics.

Mrs Diana Nyatepe-Coo, Principal of GIS, said this year’s theme focused on sustaining development because of the incredible pace at which the world was being damaged by human activities.

“There is much to do if we want to put the brakes on the impact of climate change,” she said.

She said students were the only conduit the world had to use to find new ways to protect the environment and conserve nature.

Mrs Nyatepe-Coo noted that this could be achieved through SMIT programme which gave opportunity to recognise the talents among students and to showcase their brilliance to find solutions to global crises.

She expressed happiness about the scientific, mathematical and technological theories exhibited by the students and hoped the fair would continue to encourage tripartite collaboration between the students, teachers and parents.

Source: GNA

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