Association calls for investment in renewable energy

A leading member of the Association of Ghana Solar Industries (AGSI) on Tuesday said it was far expensive to provide remedial solutions to effects of climate change than to invest in renewable energy sources.

It was more expensive to provide relief items to victims of effects of climate change such as flood and windstorm than to invest in solar energy and other renewable alternative energy sources.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency at the end of the Association’s Annual General Meeting in Accra, Mr Omane Frimpong, President of the AGSI, expressed dissatisfaction that peasant farmers and rural folks resorted to the use of firewood and kerosene as sources of fuel.

He described felling of trees and subsequent burning for fuel and use of kerosene as activities that added to the effects of climate change and carbon emission.

According to him, if the country did not take immediate pragmatic steps to offer access to renewable energy sources such as solar, many people would continue to use adversarial means with a negative impact on the environment.

As a solution, Mr Frimpong proposed that banks and other micro-finance institutions needed to provide access to credit to peasant farmers and rural folks to enable them purchase solar systems and lanterns for use.

He disclosed that the global financial giants were currently putting pressure on the banks and other financial institutions to provide credit facilities to institutions and people to promote purchase and use of renewable or clean energy sources.

He called on the banks and other financial institutions operating in the country to provide credit facilities to industries and individuals for renewable energy.

Source: GNA

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