Cyber fraud activities in Ghana peak at 1am daily – Report

A report by a US-based firm that protects online businesses from fraud and abuse has found that activities of cyber crime are conducted at 1am local time (5pm Pacific Standard Time) in Ghana every day in the year 2011.

In a press statement February 23, 2012, iovation says it came to these conclusions using data from more than two billion transactions it has protected in 2011 through its ReputationManager 360 solution which identifies computers, mobile phones and tablets used to commit fraud.

The firm recently rated Ghana ahead of West African neighbour, Nigeria as leader in global fraud.

For Nigeria, it said the time criminal cyber activities peak is 6am local time (9pm PST) while in the Philippines cybercrime activities surge around 3am local time (11am PST).

According to iovation, cyber fraud persons never sleep saying the time period was most dangerous hours in 2011 because online companies open business 24hours in seven days.

“Unlike brick and mortar businesses, companies with online storefronts are open for business 24×7 and therefore susceptible to fraud around the clock,” said Greg Pierson, CEO and co-founder at iovation in the statement on its website.

By Ekow Quandzie

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