About 630 million adults worldwide desire to migrate – IOM

In search of home away from home, more people especially adults want to leave their countries for another country.

About 630 million adults in the world wish to move to another country permanently, according to a new report by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the global research institute, Gallup.

The report titled “The Many Faces of Migration” is based on surveys carried out by Gallup in 50 countries.

Neli Esipova who is the Director of Research at Gallup World Poll, according to UN Radio said “Based on our analysis it looks like right now about 630 million adults would like to migrate. The number went down after (the) economic crisis. Our number before that was 700 million adults. What we see is that about 48 million adults actually plan to migrate in the next twelve months and 90 million already started some preparation for this.”

The IOM says the report, which is based on interviews with about 750,000 people, gives a comprehensive picture of the lives and experience of people who desire to migrate permanently or temporarily for work, the UN Radio reports February 24, 2012.

It also includes people who are planning and preparing to go and those who have returned home.

By Ekow Quandzie

Listen to Neli Esipova who is the Director of Research at Gallup World Poll on the report.


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