Chief suggests negotiation, not agitations for split of Ketu-South District

Togbe Addo VIII, Paramount Chief of Klikor Traditional Area, has urged residents of Ketu-South district to stop the street agitations for the district to be split into two.

“For me the prudent thing to do is to go into negotiations and lobbying rather than the confrontation and blackmailing, as the street protests suggest,” he stated.

Togbe Addo was reacting to the recent demonstrations and allegations that he (Togbe Addo) was personally against the split of the current Ketu-South District.

He told the GNA at Klikor that even if the negotiations failed the next proper thing to do was to allow the government to have the upper hand within the spirit of the Rule of Law and good governance while the petitioners re-strategized.

Togbe Addo said it was unclear why the people were refusing the Government’s offer of raising the area to a Municipal Status and that of the Electoral Commission of Ghana (EC) to give the proposed municipal area an additional constituency.

He said as an elder traditional ruler he would not push his subjects to join the agitations.

Togbe Addo urged opinion leaders and chiefs in the area to weigh the issues carefully and avoid pushing the youth into needless demonstrations which amounted to teaching the youth to be lawless and which could also pose danger to the area’s future security.

He said pronouncements on a local radio station by a youthful chief of one of the traditional areas that he was against creating a new district were baseless.

The people of the area, mainly in Aflao, Agbozume and Klikor, commenced agitations when a legislative instrument put before Parliament on the new districts did not include a split of the Ketu-South District into two.

Source: GNA

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