Microsoft commends Ghana’s effort in promoting ICT

Mr Emmanuel Onyeje, Country Manager of Microsoft Anglophone West Africa, has commended government’s efforts towards making Information Communication Technology (ICT) a key driver for national development.

He said the huge investment made by the government to take teaching and learning of ICT to the grassroot was laudable and recognized as one of the best in the sub-region.

He said this would enable the youth to be equipped and empowered with modern ICT equipment to enhance their knowledge and capability in the use of modern technology.

Mr Onyeje was speaking to the media during Microsoft Open Door Agenda on the theme: “Technology as a key driver in delivery business in Africa” in Accra.

The event brought together stakeholders in the ICT industry to exploit the opportunities ICT could provide to create wealth, alleviate poverty and empower the youth on the continent.

He said Ghana was among the few countries in the sub-region with good ICT experts capable of developing IT programmes to meet international standard.

He said it was time Africans made use of local ICT industry to influence the opportunities provided by the revolution in technology to enhance efficiency, accelerates job creation and business growth in Africa.

He advised the youth to desist from engaging in internet fraud and focus on the opportunities of technology to solve problems for national development.

Source: GNA

  1. VV says

    Excellent initiative by Ghana government and this is best way forward.
    This is what India, Brazil, China and others are doing. ICT is Key.

  2. Joseph Joe Lee Owusu says

    Indeed ICT has to be introduced to help the individuals as well as the nation as a whole to be equiped with the modern technology. ICT, indirectly fused in whatever we do, eat, drink, etc.

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