Dr Sakara files nomination papers for CPP Flagbearership

Dr Abu Sakara Foster, Vice Presidential Candidate of the Convention People’s Party (CPP) in Election 2008, on Tuesday filed nomination papers to contest for the party’s flag bearership slot for Election 2012.

He declared that the oscillation of power between the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP), which was diametrically opposed to each other had led to stagnation in the socio-political development of the country.

Dr Sakara said significant national progress could only be achieved through an alternative third force, which focused on nationalist agenda… ”We cannot permit those who see all issues only through a parochial lens to continue to make decisions or us”.

He said CPP was poised to provide the alternative political third force to transform the political landscape and provide fundamental change of values, principles, policies and chart a new way forward for the country.

Dr Sakara used the occasion to launch his campaign on the theme: “A New Way Forward,”  and said Ghana needed a new crew with fresh minds to take the mantle of leadership of the country.

The CPP Flag bearer aspirant said Election 2012 offerred the CPP a unique opportunity to at least bring the party back into government…” Election 2012 is ours to take, conditions precedent suggest that January 2013 should see us in Government as the third CPP Government”.

“With courage, conviction and focus, a united CPP can snatch victory from the jowls of desperation. We must be courageous in the face of odds that are stacked against us,” he stressed.

Dr Sakara said a CPP Government would successfully combat the burgeoning gap between the rich and poor, institute economic development policies that would expand middle income earners and increase incomes of lower wage earners significantly beyond the poverty line.

He said the CPP gave priority to promote growth of domestic manufacturing capacity over importation, create jobs that would pay a living wage, and commit to absolute zero unemployment among the youth.

Dr Sakara said the youth would be engaged in compulsory secondary education and two year compulsory patriotic service, a year in the military and the second in national service.

The nomination form was received by Mr Ivor Kobina Greenstreet, CPP General Secretary at a colourful ceremony attended by some leading members of the party.

Mr Greenstreet said the party would officially close nominations on Thursday, February 23 to pave way for other process including vetting of all the aspirants.

He said the show of comradeship exhibited by leading members of the party demonstrated that CPP was ready to move forward in unity.

Dr Sakara is the second after Mr Bright O. Akwetey, a lawyer to file nomination for the flagbearship.

Source: GNA

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