Asamoah Gyan quits Ghana ‘indefinitely’

Ghana star Asamoah Gyan has quit international football “indefinitely”.

The move follows the Black Stars’ semi-final defeat by Zambia at the Africa Cup of Nations, in which Gyan had a penalty saved.

The player has come under sustained criticism from fans in Ghana following the Black Stars’ failure to win the continental crown.

Gyan’s decision was confirmed to the BBC by his manager in Ghana.

He is currently on loan from English Premier League side Sunderland to the UAE-based team Al Ain.

Ghana face a number of crucial international matches in the near future – with 2014 World Cup qualifying beginning in June.

Amongst the teams in Ghana’s group in the race to Brazil are the newly-crowned African champions, Zambia.

They will also face a two-legged tie in September and October for a place in the finals of the 2013 Nations Cup in South Africa.

Gyan’s failure to score from the spot echoed the World Cup quarter-final in 2010, when he hit the cross-bar with a penalty in the final moments of extra-time.

Had he scored, Ghana would have almost certainly have gone through to the semis.

Instead they lost the subsequent shoot-out to Uruguay.

Source: BBC

  1. Peneshi says

    Gyan is a talented good player and his job as a striker is to score goals for the Black Stars. During world cup 2010 and indeed AFCON 2012,and while doing his job for Ghana,Gyan missed to score important goals when the whole nation was looking forward for goals.
    However,certain things were made or destinied to be just like that.Even if it was someone else who took up those penalty shoot outs,he would never have scored because God himself made up the mind that things would have had happened just like that. So please stop blaming Gyan for anything but rather help him heal himself and move forward.
    This is a massage from a friend in Zambia.

  2. Akwetey Jonathan- YSD says

    I think Asamoah Gyan has taken a bold step n a good decision. May God be with u whereva u are, prune u n mak u fruitful. Som pple are ungretful. Gyan i luv u

  3. Anonymous says

    this is the best decision that happened to Ghana since the end of the AFCON 2012. he can quit for all we care, Ghana would go in search of better strikers who are up to the task in converting penalty kicks. he can go for all we care, and no one is begging him to come back.

  4. Majos says

    You know there is something about you people, you are ungreatfull and dont know nothing about the football. Mention how many great strikers who hav not missed a penalty in a crutial moment of a match during their career !!! how many can you mention??? This question is for all that are criticising Gyan. I’ve been watching all Ghanaian football match and that guy is part of the best things that have happen to the team. But you know, You only know the real value of something when you lose it. In fact this a good decision he has taken when you to deal with ungratefull people like you. Why is it that Essien has stopped playing for the team a while ago??? You have to think well before saying nocenses. Why we African cant learn good things from the other and it is only the non-cense and Foolish that we can copy from them??? WHY? I can remember the France vs Italy final at the World Cup, Even though Zidane action break down the moral of the team and the were won, He was receive as a Nationaal Hero in France… So SHAME ON YOU ALL THAT ARE INSULTING GYAN. I wonder if you will be one day satisfy of your players …

  5. Bonwilla Bawa .S. says

    one important fact Ghanaians must note is that Gyan had always scored very important goals for the country at crucial moments where all hopes had been lost.and now if he had not been able to convert penalty kicks to goals at the times the seem important,Ghanaians should try not to forget what he ha done for the country and to give him another chance to prove himself.let’s not kill his spirit but rather try to encourage him to do better next time.

  6. Anane christopher justice says

    Asamoa gyan is a good striker .ghanaians should not blame God who give. It was GOd who was knowing what will happen after the penalty was to be infected.

  7. chambe says

    ghananians must blame their seif not gyan . gyan is a good kicks of goals .

  8. Rose says

    I think they should have not allowed him to quit because so many famour players miss either penalties or open goals, but they are not left. They will regret over letting him go.

  9. kujoe says

    I think A.Gyan decision to move from black star is unfair, he should rather be bold and correct himself for upcoming event .Even Jesus Christ did no mistakes and sins but still recieved a lot of insults and finally crusified. so why can’t he, forgone all those comment from all sources and carry on playing for his nation. A gud player or professional without plying for his nation is not a gud practice.

  10. Anonymous says

    All soccer fans should know dat no path goes undeviated.Just compare Gyan’s delivery to de outgone national strikers,superb:ball handling,excellent.What again do we need from such hardworking serious player.Asamoah:prove the ungrateful wrong;more grease to your elbows.we those who are soccermania will always be to your support.Bonwilla Bawa:God bless you.word to the wise…………….?

  11. ALBERT says

    Gyan should not think that he is better than tonado about penalties.

  12. PETER says

    I think Gyan shd stay to correct his mistakes after putting us in bad mood who shd correct de mistakes.odoomfo kumfo.shame on him.if it were azoto dance he could have danced it in style.why is he quiting.

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