Association detests violation of religious freedom of Muslim students

Authorities of some second cycle institutions in the country have been accused of compelling Muslim students to attend church services, denying the victims of their rights to freedom of association and religion.

The National Executives of Ghana Muslim Students’ Association (GMSA), which made the allegation, said the action was affecting the academic performance of the students.

Mr Rabiu Mohammed, National President of GMSA, at a press conference in Accra, called on the Government to collaborate with the Ministry of Education to stop the infringement on the rights of the students.

The leader of the group said if nothing was done about the situation by the end of this academic year, the GMSA would advice itself.

He said “The acts of religious discrimination in some schools show clear injustice against the affected students,” and stressed the need for stakeholders to find amicable solution to the problem.

Mr Mohammed said though the schools concerned were built by Christian Missionaries, and church services formed part of school gathering to mould the character of students in accordance with the doctrine of Christianity, and a platform for making announcements, it violated Muslim students’ freedom to worship.

He asked the Ghana Education Service (GES) to “clearly and unambiguously indicate the differences between school gatherings and church service” and to ensure that the Church’s acclaimed code of conduct and that of the schools does not contradict the 1992 Constitution.

Mr Mohammed said:“We are urging government to promote dialogue between leaders of the major religious bodies and other stakeholders in education to find a peaceful solution to the problem.”

He appealed to the National Chief Imam, Ahlusunna Wal Jama’a, Shia Muslim Community, Concerned Muslims in Parliament, and all human rights activists and organisations to intervene in addressing the issue.

Mr Moahmmed called on Muslim students to remain calm as the leadership of the association was seeking ways of resolving the issue.

Source: GNA

  1. Rights Advocate says

    This action is long over due. The perpetrators of this crime must be brought to justice. And i wonder what news it would have made if christians in the Muslim schools were forced to go to the mosque and join in the muslims’ prayers. Its rather sad that this is happening in a country advancing in democracy. Its high time all stakeholders get involved before the nation is plunged into an undescribable scene due to this issue. Its an issue of human rights abuse, an issue of human development and must be treated with such urgency

  2. Anonymous says

    we are all monitoring events keenly, ghanaian muslims has suffered so long. this is jihad.

  3. ANNONYMOUS says

    well it is true that we have suffered enough but we pray that ALLAH brings all at rest

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