Air Cote d’Ivoire replaces collapsed Air Ivoire as national carrier

Air Cote d’Ivore will replace Air Ivoire as the national air carrier for Ivory Coast after the government on February 9, 2012 signed a decree creating the new company, reports the Reuters news agency.

Citing the Ivorian government spokesman Bruno Kone, the report said the national air carrier will restart operations in April under a new name, Air Cote d’Ivoire, with two A319 Airbuses flying to regional destinations.

With a capital base of $50.5 million, Mr Kone said the Ivorian government will have a 51% stake while Air France will hold 35% and private domestic investors will hold the rest, according to the report.

He said Air Ivoire, which collapsed in 2011, is now bankrupt. “The former company is now bankrupt. It was difficult to restructure it, that is why we prefer to create a new company,” Kone told the news wire.

By Ekow Quandzie

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