ADR centre settles 1,022 out of 1,050 cases in Ashaiman in 2011

The Ashaiman branch of the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) settled 1,022 cases amicably out of a total of 1,050 it received in 2011.

This is contained in last year’s Annual Report of the centre and copied to the press in Tema.

According to the report, rent related cases topped the list with as many as 759 cases out of which the centre mediated on 739 of them.

The report indicated that there were numerous rent cases during the mediation because both landlords and tenants were ignorant of the country’s rent laws.

It said some landlords collected more than the legally required six months’ rent advance while some tenants also failed to pay the required rents on regular basis.

The report noted that some tenants owed rents between one month and three years while other charges leveled by both landlords and tenants on each other bordered on the non-payment of utility bills, lack of maintenance, and creating nuisance by both parties.

It stated further that some landlords issued arbitrary quit notices to tenants over trivial matters and when the latter refused to quit landlords employed all kinds of strategies to evict or eject them.

The report went on to state that some landlords and landladies went to the extent of pouring urine, human excreta or garbage on tenants verandas or doorsteps all aimed at frustrating tenants to vacate their houses.

It said in some cases tenants adopted dubious means to connive with landlords to eject their spouses or girlfriends from their rented apartments when the relationship turn sour so that they could ask for a refund of rent advance.

The report indicated that debt related cases were second on the list, adding that, out of a total of 214 debt cases, which came up for settlement at the centre, it was able to settle as many as 205 with only nine cases pending.

The report stated that non-payment of utility bills; child maintenance/custody, marital, land, petty crimes and disputes over family property followed in that order.

Source: GNA

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