Ghana sees world economic integration as important – Ishmael Yamson

Ghana is not isolated from the global world economy especially after becoming an oil-producing country in late December 2010, an economic adviser has said.

According to the Chairman of the Economic Advisory Council at Ghana’s Presidency – Mr Ishmael Yamson, the country now considers as important the integration of the world economy.

“The integration of the world economy is important to Ghana,” said economist Ismael Yamson at the ongoing Ghana-Euromoney Investment Conference in Accra February 7, 2012.

“Rising commodity prices may be good for Ghana,” Mr Yamson said since the country produces gold, cocoa and oil for the world market.

According to Mr Yamson the country did not really feel the effect of the global economic crunch which started in 2007.

He indicated that Ghana’s Eurobond issued in 2007 is trading well on the international market.

He highlighted some of the country’s economic successes over the past few years.

He said provisional gross domestic product (GDP) growth for the year end 2011 is by 13.6% while interest rate has recorded a downward trend in recent times.

The main aim of the Euromoney Conference is to attract more investments to Ghana to sustain the economic growth of the country, organisers have said.

By Ekow Quandzie

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