Environmental Protection Agency holds training workshop for natural resource sectors

The Environmental Protection Agency on Monday opened a five-day capacity building workshop for some government institutions in Accra.

The workshop is aimed at building capacity within the natural resource sectors to facilitate assessment and monitoring of the cost of environmental degradation in Ghana.

The training workshop was undertaken in collaboration with the IDL Group and GYA, all United Kingdom based institutions operating in Ghana.

The workshop was funded by Agence Francaise of Development (AFD) and was under the theme “Capacity Building for Assessment and Monitoring of the Cost of Environmental Degradation in Ghana.”

The training material for the workshop was the findings of a research work initiated by the EPA and conducted by IDL group and GYA to determine the output of environmental degradation on Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Mr. Samuel Anku, Director for inter sector networks, EPA Ghana, said despite some level of improvement over the past decade, future generations would continue to face serious environmental problems unless  attention is given and investment are made to reverse the current state of environmental degradation.

He said environmental accounting or green accounting is one important tool used world-wide for understanding the critical role played by the natural environment in the economy.

Mr Anku said that Environmental Accounts provide data, which highlight both the contribution of natural resources to economic well-being and the cost imposed by pollution or resource degradation.

Source: GNA

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