Ghanaian caterers appeal for inclusiveness in fixing taxes, levies

The Ghana Traditional Caterers Association (GTCA), Central Regional branch, has appealed to revenue agencies to consult them in the determination of taxes and levies in order to avoid confrontation and other challenges during implementation.

They said most at times taxes imposed on their members such as artisan fees, value Added Tax (VAT) and Local Government levies, were too high and detrimental to their businesses.

Mrs. Anita Danso, President of the Central Regional Branch of the Association, made the appeal at a day’s sensitization workshop for members on advocacy for inclusive of GTCA in tax administration in the country at Winneba last Friday.

Participants include food vendors, hairdressers, tailors, dress makers and chop bar operators.

The workshop also aims to sensitize the members to operate in accordance with the laws and regulations pertaining to their businesses.

The programme was sponsored by the BUSAC Fund with support from UNSAID, Embassy of Denmark, and the International Development Cooperation.

The Association advocated decentralized tax administration in order to ensure reasonable taxes and levies that would not collapse their businesses.

Participants were schooled on tax administration, human relations, environmental cleanliness and book-keeping.

The importance of the customer and the need to always ensure his care, dignity and respect was underscored as fundamental to any successful business.

Source: GNA

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