All Nations University introduces Space Science and Satellite Technology

The All Nations University College in Koforidua is to introduce a programme in Space Science and Satellite Technology.

The President of the university, Dr Samuel H. Donkor, announced this at a day’s workshop on space science technology organised by the University in Koforidua to sensitise prospective students.

He said the programme would help to minimise dependence on importation of human resources on space and satellite technology.

Dr Donkor gave the assurance that the university would strive to maintain leadership in higher education by the introduction of courses that are demand driven.

Dr Mrs Nana Ama Browne Klutse, a Lecturer at the University of Cape Coast and Director of Space Science Centre Ghana, who was a resource person, stressed on the importance of science and technical education.

She said since education was considered the key to effective development strategies, science and technical education must be the master key that could alleviate poverty, promote peace, conserve the environment, improve the quality of life and help achieve sustainable development.

Dr Klutse said science and technology are perceived globally as major tolls for rapid social and economic development and Ghana cannot run away from it.

She said the industrialised countries of the world applied science and technology to develop their economics and mentioned China, South Korea, India, Malaysia and Singapore as notable examples.

She said some few countries followed their footsteps and had also successfully applied science and technology to transform their economies.

Dr Klutse said the very rapid economic transformation that had taken place in the Republic of Korea, for example, was generally attributed to its greater success on acquiring and using the knowledge and innovation based on science and technology.

She said it was not too late for Ghana to channel resources into science and technology education.

Dr Mrs Klutse expressed concern about the current low status accorded science and technology education in Ghana and urged government to make it a priority.

She said Africa had to pay $500 million annual lease to the US and Europe for satellite information until former Head of State of Libya, the late Muammar Gaddafi, suggested that Africa needed its own satellite installation, which came into fruition at the cost of onetime payment of $400 million.

She said space science and satellite education is important since it would add more benefits to the State in the near future and asked the students to embrace the programme when it takes off.

Source: GNA

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    MaY Allah make nigerians leader 2 giv much pirority 2 our university education as it was done by Ghana

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