Public Services Workers Union supports demolition of structures at GAEC

The Greater Accra Regional Branch of the Public Services Workers Union (PSWU) on Wednesday pledged its support for the recent demolition of illegal structures on the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC) land in Accra.

A statement jointly signed by Mr Benjamin Sam, Branch Chairman and Mr Seth Nii Dodoo Darko, Branch Secretary said    “We the Accra branch of PSWU of Ghana Trades Union Congress would wish to send a strong signal to all and sundry that we would not sit down unconcerned for any group; local or foreign to impede the proper and smooth functioning of any public institution.

“The branch is solidly behind the Atomic Energy Commission’s management and the entire staff members for the action taken.”

It said: “We wish to register our utmost displeasure for the arrest of some 36 workers of GAEC for allegedly causing unlawful damage to property belonging to Chinese Anaina International Company Limited in Accra on Monday, January 23, 2012.   ‘

“We are of the view that our brothers and sisters in GAEC are entitled to defend their entrusted property and prevent any unlawful entry into their defined property and lands as contained in Executive Instruments (EI 75) State lands (Accra Kwabenya – site for Atomic Energy Commission) instrument 1963.

“We rather find it strange to believe how a State land purposely acquired for atomic energy facilities could be encroached by individuals and private entities for the construction of shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, and residence against public interest.”

The statement said: “It is extremely important to inform the… public that there are serious dangers for one to live around atomic energy restricted zones not to mention about health implications in case of disasters and other chemical and radioactive emissions as a result of the activities of GAEC.

“The good people of Ghana are being reminded of the recent nuclear disaster that bedevilled Japan and its effects irrespective of their sophisticated technology.

“We therefore urge the Government and our brothers and sisters of GAEC to take a decisive measure not only in stopping but to clear all those who have illegally encroached the Atomic Energy lands.”

Source: GNA

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