Glo Mobile Ghana releases another one million numbers for reservation

George Andah - Glo Ghana COO

Glo Mobile Ghana Limited announced on Wednesday that it has reached the threshold set for its number reservation exercise.

This has prompted the company to introduce a second block of number series to enable as many people as possible to reserve their preferred numbers.

A statement issued by the corporate entity said on January 19, Glo Mobile Ghana Limited launched a ‘Reserve Your Number’ campaign as the first of activities lined up to usher in the highly anticipated Glo Mobile network.

The campaign offered up to one million number reservation slots to enable potential subscribers to reserve their preferred Glo numbers.

Chief Operating Officer, George Andah said: ‘We are highly impressed with the number of reservation requests we received for our 023 3 number series in the space of just two weeks; but we continue to receive several thousands of requests for reservations.

“In response to public demand therefore, the only logical option is for us to open a second number block to ensure that when we commence commercial operations, most people will use their preferred Glo numbers,’ he explained.

Glo Mobile Ghana has accordingly extended its Reserve Your Number campaign with effect from Wednesday, February 1, by introducing the 023 5 number block series, to ensure that the majority of potential subscribers use Glo numbers which they themselves have chosen.

George Andah said the new range of numbers can be reserved by simply adding the preferred last six digits to the Glo prefix 0235 and texting it to the Glo line 0230010100.

All reserved numbers will be redeemed by their owners at any Glo World outlet within seven days of commencement of commercial operation.

“Our system clearly indicates that several hundreds of people made reservation requests which turned out to have been successfully reserved by other persons  and we believe that opening the 0235 number series would offer such people a second chance of owning a special or preferred Glo number,’ Mr Andah said.

Source: GNA

  1. Anonymous says

    when are you starting your operation in Ghana

  2. Andrews says

    when are you (glo) starting operation in Ghana. We are suffering we need you

  3. Anonymous says

    when will the commercial operations start

  4. T.veep says

    Plz.when will u start commercial work

  5. Enter your name... says

    oh GLO GH wey kind delay tactics dis? hw long u wan put we na suspense? u sure ino b de begining of wahala service u wan give we…..?

  6. o233171819 says

    i’v been waiting for long

  7. binghi says

    lets be patient and wait

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