Broadcast technicians introduced to New Generation Transmitting equipment

Radio and communication broadcast technicians have been advised to avoid the use of multiple earthing points as this has the potential to damage transmitting equipment during lightning storms.

The advice was given at a day’s workshop organised to upgrade the knowledge of radio and television broadcast technicians by EuroTel Broadcast Applications of Italy and Retelgy Limited from Ghana.

The participants were introduced to a new generation of radio communications and broadcast equipment with a capacity to function for 30 minutes during a power outage without any damage to the equipment. The new range of transmitters can function both as radio and TV transmitters with modifications and also have dual analogue and digital transmission capability.

Mr Antonio Orizzonte, Area Representative of EuroTel for Africa and the Middle East conducted the workshop jointly with Mr Rocky A. Wilson of Retelgy Ghana, Limited.

Mr Orrizonte introduced the technicians to the new generation of smart transmitting equipment, which he said, could be managed by remote control and to get feedback on the equipment’s performance as well as troubleshoot any problems using ordinary GSM telephone chips.

Among the issues dealt with during the training were – surge protection and prevention in lightning storms and GPS transmitter positioning for maximum transmission quality.

The EuroTel representative noted that “lightning should never be a problem for Radio Communication and broadcast equipment if the right approach of a single point grounding of equipment is used”.

He said: “It is important not to have multiple earthing points at one site including studio and transmitter masts as this opens up the equipment to damage when lightning occurs instead of a single earthed point.”

Thirteen technicians took part in the training representing  – Viasat ‘1’ Ghana; GBC, UTV Accra, Aseda FM Takoradi, TV Africa, Phoenix Ins, Modern Airwaves Broadcasting, Radio A1, Astar FM Techiman, and Retelgy Ltd.

Source: GNA

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