Ghana hosts EU Trade Control and Expert System workshop

Ghana in collaboration with the European Commission (EU) is to host a Trade Control and Expert System (TRACES) training seminar in Accra from January 31 to February 2.

The seminar would increase the knowledge of stakeholders on EU rules and requirements as regards official control procedures for food of animal origin imported into the EU market and allow them to use TRACES.

A statement to the Ghana News Agency on Monday said the training will also focused on official control procedures for food of animal origin imported into the European Union (EU) market.

The Accra TRACES forms part of the European Commission’s Health and Consumers’ Better Training for Safer Food (BTSF) programme.

The training will enable participating countries to better verify that food of animal origin exported to the EU fulfills the conditions for admission to the EU Market.

It said the use of TRACES would also provide them with tools designed to ease their tasks and increase the security of the data.

The workshop will alternate lectures and practical training on TRACES on certification procedures in countries exporting products of animal origin to the EU market.

The participants would also be exposed to EU requirements and how TRACES may provide support to the operators and certifiers, the use of TRACES system for the delivery of an export certificate and import procedures at the EU’s points of entry.

Explanations will be provided regarding the checks performed on the entering products and on the basis for their admission or rejection, internal trade of products of animal origin in the EU, and modalities to build a regional market for products of animal origin while ensuring health and sanitary requirements.

Source: GNA

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