Africa is next destination for rapid development – John Mahama

John Mahama - Vice President

Vice President John Mahama on Friday gave the assurance that the Government would work round the clock to make Ghana a world economic power in the coming years.

He said the country was already enjoying good governance, democracy and the rule of law which could in future spur the nation on an accelerated economic growth and development.

Vice President Mahama gave this assurance when Dr Chutikul, Senior Advisor in the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), led a delegation to his office at the Castle, Osu.

The delegation was at the Castle to present the report of the last conference that was held in Ghana in 2008 and also to inform him of the next conference to be held in Qatar.

Vice President Mahama said Africa had before the world economic recession been marginalized in world trade and economics, but as the world was recovering from the danger, Africa would become the central point in trade and development.

He said although most of the countries were engrossed in political and other challenges, good leadership coupled with prudent economic measures would place the country on the right pedestal.

According to the Vice President, Ghana would hold on firmly to democracy and good governance to become a shinny example to other African countries in the coming years.

Dr Kobsak Chutikul said Ghana was regarded as a country of life and hope in the activities of the United Nations and therefore needed to accelerate its level of democracy and good governance to serve as an icon to the rest of the World.

He said notwithstanding the numerous economic challenges, they could still surmount  those challenges with good leadership and prudent management.

Source: GNA

  1. kooboat says

    How do you make the nation an economic giant with the present pathetic infrastructure, Mr Vice President?

  2. eddie says

    How will africa rise up when u giv out money meant for the public to one person. Shame talk is empty

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