Illegal operation of non-Ghanaian traders slammed

Activities of non-Ghanaian traders has been slammed for non compliance of the provision of the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) Act.

A statement issued on Wednesday by the Office of the Vice President and signed by Mr L.B Tusoe, acting Secretary at the office said “ the activities of some non-Ghanaian traders were not in compliance with the provisions of Section 18 of the provisions of the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre Act, 1994 (Act 478).

The Act states that: (i) Enterprises wholly reserved for Ghanaians include the sale of anything in a market, petty trading, hawking or selling in a kiosk at any place.

(ii)  Operation of taxi service and car hire services (A non-Ghanaian may undertake this service provided he has a minimum fleet of ten new vehicles), all aspect of pool betting and lotteries except football, operation of saloons and barbering shops,  “Market” as defined in the GIPC Act means a public place whether open or enclosed, established and managed by local custom, or specifically designated by the appropriate local government authorities or their agents with selling sites such as stores or stalls for purposes of selling and buying”

The statement said at a meeting held by Vice President Mahama at the Castle, on December 14 last year, with representatives of the Ministry of Trade, Ghana Investment Promotion Centre, Registrar-General Department, Ghana immigration Service, Ghana Police Service, Ghana Revenue Authority and the Ghana Union of Traders Association (GUTA), the activities of non-Ghanaians in the trading sector of the Ghanaian economy were discussed, amongst others.

The representatives expressed their displeasure about such activities, even though they acknowledged the useful contributions non-Ghanaian investors are making in the development of the Ghanaian economy.

The statement further said several non Ghanaian traders were not complying with both Immigration and tax laws of the country and that without prejudice to any group of investors, the meeting resolved that an inter-Agency taskforce set up by the GIPC to monitor such activities be reconstituted.

This is to ensure that the provisions relating to the areas reserved for Ghanaians under the said Act were complied with: The country’s immigration laws were properly enforced; and also non Ghanaians traders meet their obligations to the state.

The meeting also resolved that companies wishing to engage in trading activities should also reflect the provision of Section 18 in their application for business incorporation to the Registrar-General’s Department: by indicating clearly the specific activity the company wishes to engage in and compliance with the relevant provision of the GIPC Act 1994.

“Non Ghanaian traders are therefore advised to take note of this communiqué and make the necessary arrangement to comply with the relevant provision provisions under Section 18” it said

Source: GNA

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