Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly declares war on noise making

The Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) has vowed to tackle head-on the growing noise nuisance that was fast becoming a major source of worry to many in the Metropolis.

It said the Assembly would do everything to ensure that noise levels were kept within permissible limits set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Churches, mosques, information centers, public preachers, music and video-cassette sellers, mobile advertisers and drinking bars are the worst offenders.

The Environmental Health Office of the Assembly had already set up a noise complaint desk to deal with the menace.

Mr Isaac Bassanyin, Head of the Desk told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) that 17 offenders had already been prosecuted and made to pay fines.

He said they received a total of 138 complaints from the public last year, and visited 73 noise polluted areas leading to the calibration of some noise emitters.

He asked those whose activities create noise pollution to register with the office to allow for effective monitoring and control of their operations.

Mr Bassanyin said they had also stepped up public education to help the people to appreciate the harmful effects of noise making on health.

Source: GNA

  1. Enter your name... says

    I wish to commend the assembly on the step it is about to take on the noise pollution in the Metropolis. In fact, it is a major source of worry to all. I suggest that any individual or organization who falls foul be shown on both electronic and print media so that those who or hear about it will learn lessons from it. Now, it has become a common sight to see individuals erecting horns of to transmit information from other FM stations the type of noise they create is over and above the FM stations themselves. Meanwhile, almost all households have radios at their disposal. They have the right to choose any radio station to listen to. Unfortunately these so called information centres do not allow to have our peace and choice at all. Sometime one cannot receive a phone call in his own room due to the noise. On the part of other nuisance creators such as cassette sellers for both films and music, traditional medicine sellers, roadside preachers, churches, mosques, drinking/ chop bars, television/ radio repairers and sellers, drivers etc all should be brought to book. Ignorantly, majority of us are not aware of the long term effect noise has on us.
    I pray that this war declared is actually fought. May God bless you all.

  2. Dr. Charles Nuako says

    This action will be a step in the right direction if the war against noise pollution is actually wagged. It is my wish and prayer that this time around this nice idea is put into action as stated.
    I think the cost of radio is not something that at least an average ghanaian cannot afford. Frankly, these so called ‘information centres’ are unscrupulously abusing our right to choice any FM station to listen to. Unfortunately, some of them have linked themselves to some radio stations and make more excessive noise than the radio stations themselves. Ridiculously, we hear the same news from the radio stations with our own radios and sound systems at a very minimal tone. If care is not taken many ghanaians will go deaf some years to come. I support strongly that any individual or corporate body the create any noise should be dealt with severely without mercy or favour.

  3. Stanly Dorhulu says

    I remember KMA delegated some people to move round the to apprehend noise makers but nobody could tell whether they actually worked or not. In fact, we pray that the department and EPA don’t become a toothless bull dog. Let your words be your bond.

  4. Enter your name... says

    What a nice idea but when is it taking effect so that our tympanic membranes are not broken entirely. We all support you so go ahead.

  5. Enter your name... says

    Noise making is a real source of worry to all and needs to be condemned in no uncertain terms. If the statement made by the heard of KMA is not a mere political talk but back it by a serious action then a good result will be achieved.


    Good idea when talking about it. Who enforces it. When? Erection of horn all over in the name of information centre. Are they needed when they transmit the same thing FM station do with much deafening niose. Oh what a free country! The tradional medicine they make a hell of noise about, is it properly checked by FDB and certified?
    To the wayside preachers, do they consider their level of noise? Now sharing of gospel trace is now useless cos it doesn’t involve shout and collection money. Knowing too well that ckleanliness is next to godliness when have they set aside to talk about personal and environmental hygiene? When shall we stop binding malaria, cholera, TB and other related insanitary diseases? Oh Lord have mercy?
    To the chop and drinking bar operators, if you think the music is nice turn the speakers inside the hall so the your customers enjoy within. To us outside it is a hell of noise.
    As for audio and video cassette sellers the best thing to do is to display them the buyers will come and search for their choice cos all is advertised on TV and radios.
    My biggest problem with all these is the majority of people who are victim to this are illitrates or less educated.
    When the tune to radio commentaries, sports analysis my God there’s nothing else your ears can feed on again.
    I plead that laws on this is seriously enforced and victims are punished to deter others from such senseless act.

  7. Anonymous says

    I have personally come to realized that the adage ‘it is easier said than done’ is perfectly true. When at all will the action on curbing noise be taken? Oh Ghana! We are also half way through the year since this seemingly nice and laudable statement was made.

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