Synthetic pitch appropriate for sports development despite criticisms – Expert

Nigel Fletcher, a sports field expert has declared that synthetic pitch is the appropriate way for sports development on the globe despite several criticisms and worries raised on its use.

Fletcher, Chairman of the European Synthetic Turf Organisation, (ESTO) told delegates at the 75th Congress of the Association of International Press for Sports, (AIPS) that synthetic turfs are durable, provide an all year round playing conditions for its users, whilst the cost of maintenance remains less expensive and high.

The sports field expert said even though many have argued for natural playing fields, it is highly expensive maintaining those pitches with several interference from the weather leading to cancellations of matches, whilst animals are tempted to graze on them asnd make them unusable.

He explained that synthetic turfs are multifunctional and can stand the stress of taking up several activities in the day, thereby increasing revenue for its owners.

“This is contrary to the natural pitches which get depreciated often with the minimum pressure leading to match cancellations among others.

“Synthetic pitches could stand any weather condition. Makes playing effective at all times and represent the future of sports in the world”. Fletcher stated.

Fletcher also disabused the minds of many on the dangers synthetic pitch poses to sports men and women, saying there is no scientific prove to that impression”.

Quoting statistics to back his claim, Fletcher noted that survey conducted in Peru and Canada in 2005 and 2007 at the Under-17 and U-20 Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) respectively noted that over 10, 000 injuries analyzed during the competition shows that there is no significant difference in the type and number of injuries with regards to the nature of pitches used for the competitions.

He said many leading football leagues such as France, Italy, and Netherlands are now using synthetic turfs and making positive impact – which is now the biggest development in the football industry and urged sports administrators to put synthetic turfs at the heart of policy making both from a sporting and social perspective.

Fletcher stated that synthetic turfs adds to the beauty of the game since the turfs are beautiful designed and makes television coverage sharper.

According to the turf expert, the beauty of the game also adds up to its market value, hence the need to accept the new system to improve the sports globally.

Source: GNA

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