Navy has responsibility to protect oil installations – Retired Naval Officer

A retired Naval Officer, Rear Admiral Jonathan Yanful  Adoko, has said that the Ghana Navy has the responsibility to protect the oil installations at the Jubilee Oilfields at the West Cape Three Points in the Western Region against piracy and illegal bunkering.

He said as sailors they would be deployed on these operations and that they should remember that they had sworn an oath to protect the national interest.

He, therefore, asked naval personnel not to go out there and connive with anybody to commit any crime against the nation, since any complicity in this regard would have dire consequences for them.

Real Admiral Adoko was addressing the passing-out parade of 95 naval recruits at the Western Naval Command in Sekondi at the weekend.

He said the navy had the constitutional task of ensuring Ghana’s territorial integrity and protecting the national assets at sea.

“Even though the navy has continued to perform her assigned roles constantly, this has been accomplished under numerous severe constraints,” he said.

To address the situation, as well as other military challenges, he said the government and the Military High Command had been making frantic efforts to improve the lot of the Ghana Armed Forces in general and the Ghana Navy in particular.

Real Admiral Adoko said the young sailors were very fortunate indeed because they were joining the navy at a time that the efforts had begun to bear fruits.

He said four new ships for the navy, namely GNS BLIKA, GNS EHWOR, GNS GARINGA and GNS CHEMELE, acquired from China arrived in Ghana during the last quarter of 2011 but they were yet to be commissioned into the navy.

“My understanding is that an intensive work-up is currently underway and hopefully by next month they will be commissioned for operational deployment,” he said.

Real Admiral Adoko said additional platforms were also in the process of being acquired from Korea and Germany, adding, “All these ships will boost the operational capacity of the Ghana Navy fleet and greatly enhance the fighting capacities against illegal and related criminal activities at sea”.

He said that the vessels had been provided at a great cost to the nation when considered in the context of the general economic situation in the country.

“My admonition to you is that, you look after these equipment jealously, adhere strictly to the maintenance regime of the platforms and equipment in order to have good returns for the investments made by the Ghanaian taxpayer,” he stressed.

Touching on this year’s general election, he said the aim was to continue to enjoy our peace before, during and after the elections
He, therefore, entreated those security personnel who would be deployed for election duties to perform their duties in a professional manner.

Real Admiral Adoko urged them to maintain their neutrality and that at all times should remember that their actions must reflect their credibility.

He reminded the security officers that they were guided by rules and regulations such as the Armed Forces Regulations, the State Secrets Act 1962, the Constitution of Ghana and their Unit Standing Orders and other instructions or directives that might be given from time to time.

He urged them to read and understand these rules and regulations and ask questions when in doubt and that they should also learn from their seniors.

From these sources, he noted, they would get to know their responsibilities, rights and privileges in their career, and abide by these regulations and instructions in.

Source: Daily Graphic

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