Senior High School fees are too high – Togbe Afede

Togbe Afede

Togbe Afede XIV, President of the Volta Regional House of Chiefs, Friday urged the Government to deal decisively with high school fees at the Senior High School level.

Togbe Afede made the call at the first General Meeting of the House this year (2012).

He said it was painful that such fees were being charged by  public Senior High Schools.

Togbe Afede said but for the fact that he was given a bill from one of the schools in the Region he would have questioned such allegations.

A copy of the bill available to the Ghana News Agency gave a summary of the First Term -2011/2012 School Fees made up of 33 items as GH¢330.50 for each student in Boarding and GH¢162.50 for each Day student.

Supplementary fees stood at GH¢159.90 for each Boarding student and GH¢57.00 for each Day student putting total fees for each boarder at GH¢490.40 and a day student, GH¢219.50.

Items under the supplementary bill for the term included National Math and Science quiz, School hymnal, manufacture of bed, Municipal Assembly education levy, Electricity, House dues, Exeat card, Dining hall/Assembly hall furniture levy, facility maintenance fee and one gallon of paint.

The PTA bill totaling GH¢35.00 per student was made up of PTA dues, development levy, computer tuition, extra classes levy, building project, fence wall and maintenance of WC toilet.

Togbe Afede said analysis of the bill in question indicated that some of the items were duplicated.

He said such fees tended to negate interventions from government to make second cycle education affordable to parents.

Some members of the public however blamed the PTAs for such high fees arguing that in most cases, groups of people within the PTAs tended to pre-determine such fees with authorities of the schools giving little room for the others to make inputs.

Some parents were also blamed for not attending PTA meetings thereby allowing a few people to dictate to them.

Mr Dan Abodakpi, Ghana’s High Commissioner to Malaysia who was in the House at the head of a delegation from the National Democratic Congress (NDC), promised to take up the issue with the Ministry of Education.

Source: GNA

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