Avoid middlemen in processing documents – DVLA

Drivers and vehicle owners have been advised to deal only with officials of the Driver Vehicle and Licensing Authority (DVLA), to obtain roadworthy certificates, driver’s licence and other documents required in their operations.

“By dealing with only recognised officials, you are sure of the validity of your documents and avoid having problems with the law,” Mr Richard Kpobi, Manager of Administration, DVLA, said in an interview with the Ghana News Agency in Accra.

He said it was unfortunate that some people who went to the DVLA to have their drivers’ licence as well as roadworthy certificates for their vehicles processed,  paid monies to middlemen who were around the premises of DVLA to have these documents processed for them.

Mr Kpobi said the public had to bear in mind that these middlemen, popularly called “goro boys”, were not recognised officials of DVLA, whom they should deal with.

“When a goro boy takes your money and disappears, you will have yourself to blame,” he added.

Mr Kpobi said while DVLA vehemently opposed activities of these middlemen at their premises and often drove them away, some vehicle owners contracted them to save themselves the trouble of going through the process in acquiring the necessary documents from the DVLA.

“The moment you have a ‘goro boy’ processing your documents, there is a high possibility that the certificates or documents may be fake, and if the police arrest you for having fake documents, you would be prosecuted,” he said.

He said an information van had now been placed at the Greater Accra Regional Office of the DVLA reminding people to avoid these ‘goro boys’ and have their documents processed by recognised DVLA officials.

Mr Kpobi said handouts were also available on display at DVLA offices throughout the country to educate people on the need to avoid ‘goro boys’.

On the decentralisation of their operations, he said, it had been successful and within Greater Accra Region, vehicle testing garages had been established at Oyibi, Dome, Kuntunse and Weija.

He reminded the public that used vehicles imported into the country, had to be sent to any of the DVLA garages for inspection before being sent to the DVLA for documentation.

Source: GNA

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