President Mills calls for concerted efforts to fight corruption in Ghana

President John Atta Mills

President John Evans Atta Mills on Monday called for concerted efforts by all and sundry to fight corruption in the country.

He said “I have tried to strengthen the Economic and Organised Crime Office (EOCO) to put in place structures to combat corruption. There is the need for concerted efforts by all of us to check corruption in the country”.

President Mills made the call when answering questions from Senior Journalists and Editors during the Third Annual Media Encounter since he assumed office in January 2009 at the Castle, Osu.

President Mills answered questions on his health, the economy, STX Housing Project, achievements for 2011 as Action Year, Mr Alfred Agbesi Wayome’s payment of judgment debt, corruption, campaign message for Election 2012, recent trip to the US, the cocaine turning into Sodium  Bicarbonate issue and his relationship with former President Jerry John Rawlings.

When questioned about his health, President Mills who stood on his feet during the one hour and fifteen minutes encounter, said: ” I have an excellent physician, the Almighty God”.

He said accessibility to the national power grid for electricity which was about 44 per cent during the previous NDC rule was increased to 54 per cent by the NPP but had now increased to about 72 per cent by the current NDC Government, as well as other developments that had improved the living standards of the people tremendously.

President Mills announced that his Government had recorded the highest economic growth in the country’s history and Ghanaians would be objective in the improvement in their living standards during Election 2012. It  had also been able to maintain peace and stability and used the country’s resources to provide amenities and infrastructure which Ghanaians had not seen for years, he said, adding: “the growth in the economy is not a fluke.”

On the STX Housing Project, President Mills said some problems had been encountered therefore government was looking for alternatives, while work on the affordable housing project initiated by the NPP Government had been stalled because of the lack of resources. However, some people had made some proposals to the Government to continue and complete the  project, he said.

President Mills pledged government’s commitment to investigate the Wayome debt payment, saying ” I want the truth to emerge and nothing would be swept under the carpet.”

He announced that government had so far paid about 600 million c edis in judgement debts.

On the relationship between himself and former President Rawlings, President Mills said: ” My relationship has not changed over the years. I am waiting for an opportunity to sit down with him and see what differences we have and resolve them”.

Source: GNA

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